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Mark of Decay formed in 2016 with the ambition to release hard hitting, dark, yet anthemic metal. 


Featuring ex-members of cult zombie thrashers Send More Paramedics and local scene legends Inner Fire, the band hit the ground running releasing  a self published demo followed by their debut E.P. Humanity in 2018.  

Despite line up changes, geo political turmoil and a shatterring of social norms the standalone stalker themed single 'Fixed On You' followed in 2019.


The return of Duncan Hall spurred the band on to their most accomplished work yet, culminating in the release of the Refugee E.P. in 2020.   

Never ones to shy away from bleak narratives, dark themes and world events, the E.P truly reflects our times.  Reflections on displaced families, media manipulation, the lure of depression and compulsive liars are delivered with sincerity. The use of clear vocals is juxtaposed with down tuned guitars and menacing drums to profound effect. 


Over the years the band has retained its ability to imbue seemingly simple structures with rhythmic twists and turns, engaging casual listeners and live audiences alike. 


2022 saw the replacement of long time Bass player Matt "Gummby" White with Nick Hunter joining the band. With a locked in rhythm section a return to the live scene is imminent.

The Line-up

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