Matt "Gummby" White

Sadly Gummby has chosen to leave Mark of Decay. We wish him all the best with whatever projects he picks up next. And we'll be keeping in touch with him as he continues in ProlapseAD with our very own Alex Lewis.

From The Artists That Shaped My Style Facebook 15/10/2016:


Continuing with our series "The Artists That Shaped My Style" we sat down with Mark Of Decays sub sonic 5 stringer to ask him about his influences and where he derives his style from today.

"I could spaff off again about super star bassists and the multitudes of drummers that appear on various CD’s that we all have but that would be boring. The internet is full of that. The People who have most had influence on my playing style are the musicians I have hung with over the years, some low down nasty mothers and some swinging cats in a mixed bag of metal.


The most impact has to go to Richard “the nasty Hobbitses” Ashton. I got in to electric instruments late, I tried to pick up a guitar at 18 and was failing miserably (common theme). I was hanging out with the hobbit and a great drummer Jay De Silver at the time. I think my guitar effort was so bad the hobbit passed me a bass and said try that. Then on I was a low end monkey. I still have the odd recording of “Against the Grain” the drums and female vocals were good everything else……….


My first Gigging band Beneath the Underdog was where I started to get a clue. Leading up to the first gigs was a steep learning curve. Opening your ears and getting tight with the other instruments. My technique and knowledge of backline started there too. This was the first mutterings of a Cliff vocal too. I still have a video for blackmail purposes!

After that I played around with a few people of varying ability’s some supper players some novices. This is where I got in to the habit of trying to learn things from everyone you play with. One or two of note;


Steve Leonard – We have all seen him play guitar and sing, get yourself to a gig where he is drumming. The man drips with a rock groove that makes everything sound amazing.


Wil Charmers – Knows a thing or two about what goes where, lots of proof that fills don’t need to be manic simple is best.


Pete and Jimmy from Kremated – application and Knowledge of target style applied with pin point accuracy. Jimmy is a freaking good drummer and a modest fella. Pete has the thing where he knows how to make a riff simple and interesting then go in to a complex riff that sounds simple.


Ben Thompson of Cattle prod / Suns of Merrick. I could watch this guy for hours. Such a wealth of bass knowledge understanding and thought in his playing. Top level player and a real gent too.


Inner Fire had a few tricks up their sleeves and gave me harmonious pointers. Nik Sampson and Alex Lewis know how to tread the line between harmony and riffage. Knowing where to hang back and push in came to the fore.

The best chops I’ve ever had was during my time with Ritual Abuse. Tris Jefferies had a knack of pulling ideas out thin air, Pete Way and his accompanying lines understated but a great addition. The two Dan’s and their lust for the “brutal” fast and complex riffs with multiple inversions. Loads of things to think about when you’re trying to bang your head was tough!


Prolapse A.D. a lesson in how to play supersonic speeds and try to be funny at the same time again the Alex & Nik combo but this time let of the leash of harmony the only rule is 200 b.p.m. it keeps me on my toes to say the least.


And finally, Mark of decay, the collaboration and the desire to be off kilter and different always makes me have to think in a different way to the usual 900 miles an hour of being a thrasher."

Some surprisingly local influences from one of Kents most illustrious musicians, Gummby continues to entertain and impress with both Mark Of Decay and Prolapse A.D. Get yourself along to a show soon to truly appreciate one of the hardest working men in todays Kent Metal and Rock scene.